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Clay T Martin, Developer/Programmer

Clay Martin

Clay has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Florida Institute of Technology (Florida Tech now). While attending college he worked in various computer related jobs including maintaining and testing computer hardware, data center technical support for IBM mainframes.

After college he was a contractor on an IBM development team developing the SCLM 7 source control system for the AD-Cycle Repository. During this time he coded many internal development tools using C, CLIST, REXX, and PDF, etc. These tools ranged from dynamic template generators (PDF Model) to programming standards and guidelines validators.

Clay went from there to take a position at Maxwell Online Intl. (MOI). At MOI his duties included systems programming and analyses, internal applications development, DASD management, and Security Officer on MVS platforms. He designed and wrote automation, editing tools and source control software to be used by MOI's database programming, IMS production and online database update operations. These tools and software significantly increased the performance of the nightly production updates and dramatically reduced the time and effort of programmers fixing problems. He designed and implemented integrated security and cost analyses systems, data set naming conventions and multi level backup and restore systems. This work involved programming with SPF, TSO CLIST, PL1, and SAS, and working with FDR/ABR, ACF2, Omegamon, among other system utilities.

Other consulting jobs he has worked on include an AT&T American Transcript project to design and program TCP/IP client-server applications, in C, for MVS, UNIX, and OS2 platforms. The project coordinated a dynamic call control and MVS database selection with the information provided from AT&T call switches in a large, multi system, multi company 800 number response centers.

Clay has taught and designed courseware for George Washington University's (GWU) UNIX Certification program. Additionally, he designed, setup and maintained a classroom environment for administrating the UNIX systems used for the hands-on portion of the courses. GWU was so impressed with his work, that they hired Clay to design and teach courses used to train the GWU computer services staff in the use of their HP-UX systems. He has also taught UNIX and C classes for other training organizations.

After the birth of a daughter, Clay stayed at home to take care of her. He kept his UNIX skills active by providing free advice to fellow computer programmers and teaching the occasional class. Once his daughter started school, he updated his skill set by designing a database system (for his dad) to analyze New York's Quick Draw (keno like) game in Delphi. He also wrote editing tools for Lori in REXX (for SPF/PC) and CMAC (Multi-Edit), and did some piece work in SAS and wrote some ISPF applications. Clay and Lori realized the usefulness of the tools he had written to help with her SAS work. So they worked together on the initial design of a package of tools for programming in SAS using the Multi-Edit editor. Then Clay took the reins and spent the next year coding Martin Works, Inc.'s premiere product, EZRTools;) in Multi-Edit's CMAC (c like) language. He also single-handedly authored the product’s documentation in HTML format.

Most recently Clay has delved into web site development. He has added to his skill set working with HTML, PHP, Javascript, CSS and DOM. Clay authored the Martin Works and EZRTools and many other web sites.

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