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Sites for individual military units

If you know of any resources we do not have listed please let us know
3-17th Air Cav : WELCOME TO "CAV COUNTRY" and the Silver Spurs & a warm "Welcome Home" to all who served in Vietnam! -- God Speed to all the current 3-17th Troopers serving in harm's way! Site No Longer has information on sending care packages to 3-17 units because of OPSEC concerns. Heck, these guys have three more sites: Burning Stogies Website and John Garrison's Home Page
International Society of the 173D Airborne Brigade : The Homepage of the International Society of the 173D Airborne Brigade is a Historical Site trying to preserve the History of the 173D Airborne Brigade which was formed in Okinawa, sent to the Republic of South Vietnam as the first American Army Unit deployed to the War Zone. We have a membership of over 5,600 former Skysoldiers and we hold an annual reunion. We have established a Scholarship fund for the children and grandchildren of all those who served in the 173D Airborne.
19th Combat Engineer Battalion, Association Vietnam: If you were assigned to the 19th or an attached unit to the 19th, contact our Membership Committee by e-mail to verify your qualifications for membership. Be prepared to mail a copy of your DD-214, and any copies you may have of 19th unit orders.
USMC Force Recon Association: Sort of self explanitory.
The 1st Battalion / 3rd Marines: This site is dedicated to the Marines who served with 1/3 during all eras of our Corps' history. From the swamps of Bougainville to the jungles of Vietnam and in the desert sands of the Persian Gulf, the Marines of 1/3 have been a major force in the defence of freedom and liberty throughout the world.
Americal Division Veterans Association: The Americal Division Veterans Association is dedicated as a living memorial to all veterans of the Americal Division(23rd Infantry) and is pledged to foster true American patriotism, social and welfare activities for all members, allegiance to the United States Government, and its flag, and to perpetuate the traditions and history of the Americal Division of the United States Army.

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