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Clay's Mexican of the Woods Corn Bread



Make up the corn bread mix as per the instructions with the following changes. Mix in the sulfur shelf and the powdered chili into the dry ingredients before mixing in the wet ones. Then bake as per instructions. Cool the muffins.

Mix together the cream cheese and sour cream and mex spices. Spread over muffins like frosting.

* Sulfur shelf mushrooms realy don't have a substitute and usualy can not be purchased in a store. They taste a lot like chicken (no realy, they do!) but you could substitute a strong flavored mushroom. Just cook in butter and cool.

My recipe for Mexican Spice:

All the below ingredients should be fine powders. Works best if you grind them all together. To expand the amount just multiply. You can adjust the heat level by using a hotter chili, or a combination of a milder and a hotter chili, but don't increase the ratio of chili to the other ingredients.

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