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I read most of my news online, mostly World Net Daily and News Max. I also regularly visit many other fact based sites (like and belong to a number of email groups. Occasionally (well quite often) I run into articles, commentary, jokes and other neat stuff. Because of the ease of Cut and Paste, and the fair use laws, and the fact that I do this for free as an individual person, I can pass things along to you. Warning, if your a liberal (not in the Thomas Jefferson sense, but in the modern sense) don't sign up unless you like yelling at your computer screen.

I always BCC email, this way you can't see the email ids of the other recipients, and they cant see yours. I have virus (Norton) software that checks all the out going mail. I break (sorting, its just one of those obsessive computer professional things) interesting items in to a number of categories. If you are interested in any of the Topics, and would like to receive copies by email, just check the appropriate boxes below. Please also note the Action selection. It defaults to Sign Up, but you can also just contact us, change your preferences, suspend the emails for vacations or quit permanently. You can also change your preferences. Note, this is not a bulletin board, if you respond to an email, you are only responding to me.

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Education: Items about our government schools, alternate education, secondary education, home schooling.
Government: Items about government corruption, hi-jinks, and what they have planned for us.
International Affairs: Items about whats going on outside the US, foreign policy, etc.
Military: Items about our military, political interference, new weapons, successes and failures.
Second Amendment: Items about our 2nd Amendment rights, gun grabbers, and new legislation.
Media Bias: Items about how the media have a liberal bias, and inacuracies in the media.
Funnies: Items that are funny. Kinda says it all.
All: Boy this is just too good. Send me it ALL!

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